Welcome to Sai Food Products (INDIA)

Our Vision :
Our vision is to make available healthy and affordable alternatives for children and adults suffering with wheat & gluten allergies.

Our Objectives :
Create Awareness among doctors ( Pediatrics, Gastroenterologists, Dieticians and Nutritionists ) about the availability of alternate foods, Create infrastructure to market the same Make available health enhancing products through our continuous commitment towards quality.

About Sai Food Products ( India )
Sai Food products is manufactures of gluten free food products. Our range is totally natural & hypoallergenic, all our products are free from harmful chemicals & artificial flavors, colouring or preservatives.

We are manufactured in a gluten free environment with gluten free ingredients to avoid contamination. all products are nutritionally superior and hence beneficial for your entire family.

Who we are

• We aim to satisfy our customers’ needs through guaranteeing efficiency and quality in all aspects of our business activities
• We help our customers to perform their job more safely, ecologically and productively, thus contributing in creating better places for people to live in
• We can continue to exist only because we are better at performing and improving our processes than anybody else
• We require our profit to grow steadily for satisfying all our stakeholders who supply us with various resources

Customer satisfaction
• We provide our customers with reliable products of lasting value and dependable services
• We are committed to make any effort to ensure and enhance customer satisfaction
• We promptly and accurately respond to a wide variety of customers’ requirements
• We are eager to know about our customers and their needs better than competitors
• We are keen to know whether our customers are really satisfied with our products and services
• We make continuous efforts to integrate customer’s needs and market requirements into our product development and quality improvement

Total Care
• To achieve customer satisfaction quality, health and safety and environmental care must be our first priority
• Total care is the result of our efforts to satisfy needs of those within or outside our company who receives output from any of our business processes
• Every individual takes responsibility for the output and continuously strives for excellence in quality of the product, to reduce energy consumption and waste production and to maintain a safe and healthy working environment
• We recognize that every process is interrelated
• We practice good communication and close cooperation to integrate our efforts for total care improvement
• We regard innovation as the key for continuous improvement our total care system